“Design Is Not Just What It Looks Like Or Feels Like, But How It Works”

-Steve Jobs

I am a

Senior Instruction Designer

  • I adapt to the outcomes needed working with the details as they are known now.

  • I am a quick learner of new technologies and customization to meet the needs of the project.

  • I collaborate with all project contributors never forgetting the end user is my REAL customer and success indicator.



I have over 15 years experience analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating training including ILT, WBT, VILT.  My experience has primarily been in the utility and pharmaceutical business sectors.  Prior to that I was community college administrator focusing my efforts on creating new programs and obtaining funding (grant writing) to carry them out.


I have an MBA, but my real education has been in working of large-scale implementations (SAP, Oracle, Workday, PowerPlant/Tax).  This work with it's long hours, tight deadlines and wealth of learning opportunities has shaped my "common sense" approach to on-demand design.


Besides those technical and design skills I showcase in this website, I believe the intrinsic skills I possess in working collaboratively with all departments, expertise, levels in a positive and professional manor add value to any project I'm a part of.